Tuesday, January 4, 2011


I stumbled upon Denise Grunstein by pure chance last year while researching for my final photo project. Her haunting editorial series of children in bizarre outfits and misty scenes gave me chills! I loved her juxtaposition so much it inspired me to do this series of photographs (of course, I used smoke bombs instead due to sunny California weather!)


For some reason I could never perfect her use of colors. Perhaps the cloudy foggy day is really what I needed. But the juxtaposition of the bright objects scattered throughout the desaturated scene is hauntingly beautiful. Grunstein definitely has an eye for color as can be seen in the following series she did.


The colors are so beautifully coordinated! Everything looks like it belongs in the photograph. The best kind of photographs are those whose colors fall so beautifully in harmony without even trying. But even though these are staged they are done so with so much grace like a stylist would dress someone or an interior decorator would match furniture in a room.

Part of why I also love Grunstein's work is not only her eye for haunting narratives but also whimsical ones! I love the odd little scenes below, some have obvious narratives and others are just rather silly!


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