Saturday, January 15, 2011


baa baa black sheep
- 3 women dressed in black dresses
- each belonging to: master, dame, little boy who cries in the lane

cat and the fiddle
- man in 1800s costume playing a fiddle
- set at night with the moon seen

hickory dickory dock
- clock at one a clock
- man reaching for the clock
- he is wearing a hat with ears (like a mouse)

humpty dumpty
- a king a queen leaning over a fallen man next to a wall
- maybe the man is a manequin/ puppet?

jack and jill
- jill running down a hill almost to jack
- jack on the ground with a pail

jack be nimble
- a boy jumping over a candle stick

little bo peep
- girl dressed as bo peep
- in a stance as if trying to find (hand over eyes?)
- holding a stuffed lamb in the other hand

mary had a little lamb
- mary carrying a little lamb in a playground (with kids?)

marry marry quite contrary
- woman in gardening gear
- watering a cute garden (location: nursery, botanical gardens?)

miss muffet
- toy spider hanging down
- scared woman just starting to run from a cute stool
- a bowl of oatmeal is spilled on the ground

one two buckle my shoe
- a boy standing in front of a door buckling his shoe

pat a cake
- two men, one middle aged, one young adult
- one is marking dough with a T (?) or throwing dough  or kneading it
- the older one is smiling in satisfaction (or maybe putting something in oven?)

peter peter pumpkin eater
- a woman sitting bored on/by a pumpkin
- a man reading beside her smiling

ring around the rosie
- three girls hand in hand with flowers in their pockets, spinning

rub a dub dub
- 3 men dressed as: butcher, baker, candlestick maker
- all in a tuB looking scared at a potato?

twinkle twinkle littler star
- girl leaning against her rail on the porch looking at the stars

where has my little dog gone?
- a little boy looking for his dog
- he is speaking to a shop owner (?) making dog ears with his fingers to describe him

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