Saturday, January 22, 2011


I took photos of Matt in the costumes that I rented. I also tried a bit of photo manipulation and discovered some things I do and don't like.

Matt in the BAKER costume, which I will use for both "Pat a Cake" and "Rub a Dub Dub". Our kitchen isn't ready for the shoot tomorrow yet, but I just wanted to see what the framing should be like. I did a bit of photoshop on his face and body, wasn't too happy with it but I'll keep trying...

Matt in the BUTCHER costume, shirt tucked in and with a tie around his waste. He is standing in the tub I'm going to use. Maybe it would be funny to have everyone stand in their own tub?

BUTCHER with untucked shirt.

Here I did a lot of photoshop work, compare it to the original above. I tried to make him look as painterly as possible. I felt that desaturation helped a lot in that aspect after I edited highlights and shadows.

I wanted the butcher to maybe be sitting in the tub with a piece of meat on his head looking sort of bewildered so Matt graciously modeled that for me.

This is the CANDLESTICK MAKER (no candle for now). This is something interesting I found out about lighting. This is a normally exposed photo, notice he is really close to the light so his face is a little blown out. Then look at the following...

Here is that same photo but UNDEREXPOSED. I feel that the dramatic lighting does a lot for the feel of the photo and helps in looking more theatrical. 

And when I DESATURATE it, it helps even more with the painterly aspect.

For our interviews, since we had to take a portrait of the person we interviewed, I decided to practice my painterly technique on the portrait I took of Andy.


I really like the results and I feel like the painterly effect works a lot better when there are large surface to be edited rather than tiny object. Unfortunately my pictures won't be that way. Maybe I should take portraits of everyone? Another thing though, even though I find that my editing can be successful, I should concentrate on a better original photo!

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