Friday, January 7, 2011


So far I have mostly discussed studio photography but this is not to say I don't like other photography! In fact I love nature photography as well as photographs that are of everyday life.

Kathleen Connally is an amateur photographer who takes beautiful photos in her hometown of Durham Township, Pennsylvania. A lot of her work includes beautiful scenes of her farm town and reminds me again of paintings. Her work is usually not heavily edited at all, and even though I do tend to over edit my photos to get a certain feel, her under editing shows just how amazing her photography is just in itself.

Going through my Flickr friends I chose some photos I really loved by people you may well know: Steven Ziadie and Matthew Miller.

Above are two photos that Matt took while on a small tugboat. He has a great eye for cinematography and for photography. Even though I am usually a fan of urban environments like that of Connally's work, I find the shapes and composition of these photos are impeccable and the colors are edited so well! And of course, it always helps that I LOVE foggy days... always a haunting/gloomy feel.

Steven swears by his Natura Classica/ Natura 1600. His camera and film do work very well together to give great pictures with a nostalgic feel to them... the colors, the graininess. I have seen Steven do some of his photographs. He always has his camera by his side just in case he sees something. Sometimes I think to myself, "Why are you wasting your film on that?!" but it always turns out to be a lovely photograph. He has a knack for capturing the small bits of everyday life that we may not pay attention to if it weren't in his photography.

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