Tuesday, January 25, 2011

PHOTOSHOOT SCENARIO PREP: "Ring Around a Rosie", "Little Bo Peep", "Jack be Nimble", "Miss Muffet", "Twinkle Little Star"

With the first two photo shoots under my belt, I have learned a few things here and there that will be useful for future shoots. This weekend I have two more shoots planned (Ring Around a Rosie & Little Bo Peep). Next weekend I am planning 3 more (Jack be Nimble, Miss Muffet, & Twinkle Little Star).

For "Rub a Dub Dub" I had a hard time finding a tub and good location but because I had to improvise, I came up with a scene that was more odd and interesting (a crash landing of the 3 men who couldn't possibly have fit in the small tub I used). For future photo shoots I really want to stretch the interpretations of the nursery rhymes and make more interesting scenes. So here are some speculations that I really like for the upcoming rhymes.

Ring Around A Rosie
Because the rhyme is based on the bubonic plague (hence the version that goes "ashes, ashes, we all fall down"there will be 5 kids of varying age... one of the kids will have fallen 'dead' and the others will still be holding hands, but staring at the fallen kid in shock.

Little Bo Peep
I want to concentrate on a part of the rhyme that most people don't know about. When Bo Peep finally finds her sheep, they have come back with no tails! Then one day she stumbles upon all their tails hanging from a tree--THIS is the scene I want to photograph.

Jack Be Nimble
This rhyme is short and simple and has little to no details. I wanted to play on the character of Jack not being so nimble or quick. I want to cast Jack as an old man instead trying to jump over the candle stick but not being able to.

Miss Muffet
For this rhyme, I don't want the spider to literally be a spider. Instead I want to cast the spider as an evil man who scares Miss Muffet away.
Twinkle Little Star
For this rhyme I was trying to think of different ways of interpreting the star. I was thinking maybe it could be light on a ladder, but that seemed really goofy. Then I was thinking it'd be interesting if the star was inside. THEN I thought it'd be interesting to see the praying child OUTSIDE and the star INSIDE the house.

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