Sunday, January 9, 2011


Today while searing through Flickr I stumbled upon a blog all about lighting. Through this, it led me to the photographer Drew Gardner who does wonderful photos with amazing lighting technique. 

He sells tutorials of how he does his photos as well! This was a free video I found through the strobist blog of the following photo:

Another video from one of his workshops that he taught:

The following are some photos from one of his personal project that I found really intriguing! It reminds me a lot about the Fact & Fiction assignment I had in Chris O'Leary's photo class I took last spring. 


I doubt that these people are actually descendants of these historical figures. If they are, well then Gardner has a knack for researching and scouting out people! Plus, it is doubtful that there descendents would look so much like they did! However, the idea is interesting and the results turned out nicely. I'm curious as to how he got the costume down so perfectly! Are all of them handmade by commission? In the first photo of Oliver Cromwell, it looks as though his shawl is actually painted.

The following are some photos from ads and campaigns. All of which utilize great lighting techniques.

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