Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Coming into Senior Project I have hardly any idea what I will be doing. I have conflicting interests with what I am "supposed" to do and what I want to do. These being that my strengths in design do not necessarily reflect my interests for my future. In trying to come up with a smart project I need to evaluate these things and consider what I need for my portfolio.

Digital Collage

Cake decorating
Crafts (Etsy.com)

The two things I am leaning toward are photography and crafts. For photography, I could also incorporate my love for fashion. My main concern with photography is learning more about the technical side of it, mostly the use of lighting. For crafts, I already have my own etsy store but have hardly had the time and money to continue to make things and promote myself. I have always wanted to attend craft fairs or even be a vendor at our local farmer's market. So if I were to aim in this direction I would concentrate on branding and self-promotion as well as taking the more time to make more things.

As far as concepts for much of the art that I do, I love things that are visually striking, if not even a little overdone. I do love simple photography but extremely planned and story-like photography is more enjoyable to do. Same with the fashion that I love and the kind of crafts that I do. But the main thing about my work that was brought up in class today is narrative. Storytelling is definitely key to the things I do. What kind of stories? I love extreme opposites: super whimsical and super dark/haunting. One of the key things that I have always believed in is the upkeep of childlike innocence and the ability for adults to see things as they did when they were children. What it's like to have no prejudices against what is considered "uncool" and "acceptable for adults" to be interested in.

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