Thursday, January 6, 2011


The following is a series done by Eugenio Recuenco that I stumbled upon  in high school. The series is another fairy tale themed shoot but unlike Leibovitz's shoot, it uses models and a lot less of the flashy special effects. Again with the very elaborate settings, props, and costumes... i am in love with it! The overall feel is very washed out and desaturated, which gives it a very cold feeling.

What I love most about Recuenco is his extraordinarily imaginative narrative and his ability to make photographs look very painterly. 

These photos have a very superficial look to them. By this I mean the characters are very precisely place, they all look like they are made of porcelain--- everything is just very, very staged. His skill in lighting is amazing and he knows exactly where it should be placed for the specific type of mood he is looking for.

Another one of Recuenco's series that I love is one that recreated greek/roman marble carvings that you would usually see on ancient panels.

The key to all his work is classic art. His photographs refer back to classic painting and sculpture and capture a certain type of beauty that only existed in that era.

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